Hoe de Goldfished Pirates hun stempel achterlieten bij Modefabriek

Een beurs als Modefabriek focust zich vooral op het werven van nieuwe contacten en het uitbreiden van het referentiekader. Verschillende visies worden per stand vertegenwoordigt en gedeeld met voorbijgangers. Ook word je uitsluitend geprikkeld door de collecties die de stands je te bieden hebben, dit tezamen is iets wat je vooral tegen komt tijdens je twee daagse verblijf op Modefabriek. (more…)


Goldfished Treasure Tour – Modefabriek AW16

Het jaar van de identiteit. 2016, het is pas net begonnen, maar volgens Goldfished is het nu al duidelijk waar op gefocust moet worden. Wie ben jij als winkel en wie ben jij als brand? In een tijd waarin er zoveel informatie beschikbaar is en men alles kan worden is er des te meer druk ontstaan over de keuze die we maken. In een zoektocht naar identiteit en visie maakt het merk dat we dragen, de winkel waar we het kopen onderdeel uit van onze identiteit. (more…)


5 Question interview: FUTURA

So excited and I am so thrilled that I can present to you a new concept. The title is: 5 Question interview. The intention is that you get challenged to tell your vision in a brief interview about the brand, your dreams etc.. This is interesting and challenging for the interviewer but also for the surveyed and, of course, interesting for the readers. And to make it even more special, the last question will always be who they want to report for the next interview. So no ordinary people, only pirates. And when you know who the next surveyed will be you can send us your question and maybe your question comes in the interview. (more…)

Interview Red Spades foto 2

Goldfished X R E D S P A D E S L D N

Interview Red Spades foto 1

We start the new year with a fresh look and an amazing interview with a young label. It’s been a while since I did an article. I hope you didn’t forget that I truly love young labels. You can see the potential and the energy that they have. Sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes they are just really successful. But no matter what they always appreciate your effort and the opportunities they get. (more…)


VIDEO: Kringili & Alex Megas – Nabeschouwing

We are proud to announce that we recently released our first video project with Kringili & Alex Megas. You might know them from their ‘Dertien Hoog’ EP including songs like ‘In de Lucht’ & ‘Stuur de Stad’. As Goldfished we support young creatives and future potentials by giving them a platform online as well as offline. We love to see young creative people putting a lot of effort in their passion especially when they keep it pure and raw. (more…)


Some Fresh Sneaker Releases To Keep In Mind

We heard about some rumors that Santa Claus is coming to town within a month, so we thought it might be handy for you to get some inspiration for your wishlist. Before you continue this post you should be aware of the fact that we might confront you with the latest Fila Bubble sneaker, a clean ass Jordan Retro sneaker and a pretty ‘out of your comfortzone’ Adidas sneaker from the latest by Kolor collection. Good luck getting your hands on these, may the force be with you.  (more…)

Photo by Bart van Dongen

The comeback of Le Scratch (w/ Post Malone)

I can tell you that i’m very glad with the comeback of our friends from Le Scratch in 013. Le Scratch is known from it’s 90’s Hiphop and R&B parties combined with art and interaction. The new editions in 013 will also include upcoming artists mostly from across the seas (that’s pretty pirate tho). This Saturday Le Scratch launched off with the one and only; Post Malone.




Time to meet Juan Calderon

Time to meet one of the most talented Dutch artists. His name is Juan Calderon, 28 years old, born in Santiago (Chile) and currently living in Den Helder. I heard his music for the first time when the rapper Aristoteles Mendes let me check some collaborations he made with Juan Calderon. I was immediately hooked by his sound. A few weeks later another rapper, Dusty, dropped a video of his song “Black Clouds” which also included vocals by Juan Calderon. As if this wasn’t enough, Juan released his first video from his song “Never Mind” in September and to be honest, I think this song competes easily with artists such as James Blake and Sampha. (more…)