Some Fresh Sneaker Releases To Keep In Mind

We heard about some rumors that Santa Claus is coming to town within a month, so we thought it might be handy for you to get some inspiration for your wishlist. Before you continue this post you should be aware of the fact that we might confront you with the latest Fila Bubble sneaker, a clean ass Jordan Retro sneaker and a pretty ‘out of your comfortzone’ Adidas sneaker from the latest by Kolor collection. Good luck getting your hands on these, may the force be with you.  (more…)

Photo by Bart van Dongen

The comeback of Le Scratch (w/ Post Malone)

I can tell you that i’m very glad with the comeback of our friends from Le Scratch in 013. Le Scratch is known from it’s 90’s Hiphop and R&B parties combined with art and interaction. The new editions in 013 will also include upcoming artists mostly from across the seas (that’s pretty pirate tho). This Saturday Le Scratch launched off with the one and only; Post Malone.




Time to meet Juan Calderon

Time to meet one of the most talented Dutch artists. His name is Juan Calderon, 28 years old, born in Santiago (Chile) and currently living in Den Helder. I heard his music for the first time when the rapper Aristoteles Mendes let me check some collaborations he made with Juan Calderon. I was immediately hooked by his sound. A few weeks later another rapper, Dusty, dropped a video of his song “Black Clouds” which also included vocals by Juan Calderon. As if this wasn’t enough, Juan released his first video from his song “Never Mind” in September and to be honest, I think this song competes easily with artists such as James Blake and Sampha. (more…)


Bips – Camouflage Remix

Camouflage, a pact between two producers and two DJs shrouded in mystery, is quickly making name in the UK garage and UK bass scene. With multiple signed releases on Tommie Sunshine’s label Brooklyn Fire, the foursome has rapidly gained attention after their start less then five months ago.

Camouflage is notorious for their distinctive choice of turning oldschool UK garage and UK bass sounds into a fresh, new, heavy bassline, unheard-of sound.



Utregse Unie meets Approved Sneakers Market

When we first heard of Utregse Unie meets Approved Sneakers Market (UUxASM) it felt like a match made in heaven. Foodtrucks, rappers, skateboards, breakdance and sneakers all under one rooftop. A guilty pleasure for everyone that loves urban culture. We got hella excited and headed to Utrecht with a part of our team to experience this concept. You can read all about UUxASM here. (more…)



This is an introduction to Alex Pardee’s ‘Land of Confusion’, as he calls it himself. Alex Pardee is a freelance artist, who creates mind-blowing monsters and surreal images.

Pardee says that it’s his goal to make his work a controlled mess. He’ll sketch or paint until he feels like the work is creating itself. He basically just goes with the flow. He believes creating art is creating a series of failures until you feel like you’re okay with one of them. Which seems completely logical to me. (more…)


VIDEO: Kringili & Alex Megas – In De Lucht

You might call this Tilburg’s deadliest combination at the moment. I’m talking about the young rapper Kringili (20) and talented producer Alex Megas (18). They recently released their new video ‘In de lucht’ which is shot by one of my favorite moviemakers: Fe$tus (TurtleVille). These young Dutch artists are from the upcoming crew ‘Hidden Village’. The cool thing about this crew is that they support each other in the finest way and that’s exactly what we like to see at Goldfished. (more…)


The 9 best Hotline Bling Covers

We all know Drake’s latest song ‘Hotline Bling’ or at least one of it’s covers. Drake wrote the song for one of his old flames from Toronto, Nebby. She’s had an on and off relationship with Drake for a few times, and her Instagram account is a constant reminder that she’s never home, but always traveling to exotic places, and out wearing almost nothing. Drake would drop everything when she’d call, especially if it was at night. (more…)